Just Begin


If you have a book, a project an idea for a business but are procrastinating… 👉 Just begin. Beginning is an act of rebellion. Sometimes, just against your small self that keeps telling you that you can’t. Then, just keep going….

I had given up my job to write my first novel, got rejected by every publisher, set up my own publishing and PR company, hyped my novel under an alias and got it into the book charts. My publicist alter-ego was short-listed as publicist of the year for the great job she did. I didn’t go to the awards ceremony as I couldn’t thank the various parts of myself who had been brilliant to work with. In spite of my success, nothing happened. I kept writing even when my smaller self was screaming even louder telling me, STOP.

Years later, I had signed a 3 book deal with HarperCollins and finished my third book. It is such a cliché but it’s never about the destination, for me it has been about the adventure, the people I get to meet and how I have grown as a person. Much has happened since then, lots of endings and beginnings….

📣What I would like to share is:

✅ The power of just beginning is hugely underrated
✅ The willingness to let go and start again is a great gift

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