Sari: The Whole 5 Yards


Can I first say that I did everything I could not to put this play on. I have never acted before, not even at school so the thought of putting on a one woman show terrified me but the idea of NOT doing it, scared me more. So, I hired a theatre and what an adventure it was!

Sometimes the journey is about facing our fears…..

SARI Written, performed and produced by Preethi Nair
Directed by Elle de Burgh. Dramaturge: Aileen Gonsalves

A play about a 62-year-old woman who reclaims her life after 40 years of pretending.

Bhanu is getting ready to go to her 40th “surprise” wedding anniversary party. She has the most seemingly perfect life (six-bedroom detached house, two en suite bathrooms, great kids, granddaughter, generous husband…) that is until, the truth slips out. Her first love is on his way to get her and her son has just handed her a letter as part of his Gambler’s Anonymous treatment. Bhanu begins to unravel. When the truth is out, there is nowhere to hide….

This is why I wrote Sari: The Whole Five Yards