100 Shades of White

100 Shades of White

Is about a mother who tells a lie to protect her children and that lie comes back years later to destroy the very people it was meant to protect.

Nalini, has a carefree life in India until her husband sends for her and his two small children to come and join him in London. Uprooted, he abandons them ruthlessly and leaves them with nothing. In order to protect the childrens' sense of self worth, Nalini tells them that their father died heroically in an accident and whole realities are build on this one lie as their fight for survival begins.

"This book will have you praying for a delayed train." Glamour

"A rich evocative tale." Company

"A genuinely moving novel - has all the right qualities to spirit away all negative emotions." Daily Express

"She writes evocatively about childhood and there are passages of tight and lyrical immediacy" The Guardian

"Moving description packs a powerful punch in this book about family, forgiveness and the power of truth." The Observer

"A warm hearted tale of survival." The Bookseller

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