Loving this year’s South Asian Heritage Month theme, ‘Free to Be Me’. The irony isn’t lost on me, given my own journey of setting up a double life and creating a blonde alter-ego alias publicist to follow my dreams.

– My first novel was rejected by most publishers so I set up a publishing company and a PR company, whilst pretending to go to work (long story!). Hyped the novel under an alias and got it into the book charts.
– I went on to sign a 3-book deal and my alter-ego was shortlisted as publicist of the year.
– I didn’t attend the ceremony because, well, if I won, I couldn’t thank the various parts of myself that had been a dream to work with.

I have turned down a fourth book deal to go solo again. The reasons are many, but the most important one is that I am finally free to be me.

Don’t contort yourself to fit into a system.
There is always a way forward.

Looking forward to this new chapter and to the events next month where I get to share my story.

Unravelling is published in September.
More to follow…