Monster Life Lessons

The Monster Life Lessons series was created so that ALL children can see themselves as heroes of their story. The first book in the series is Anjali’s Story about a 10-year-old who starts a business in lockdown and goes on a magical adventure.

Anjali has a problem. Well actually, she has two:

1) A very mean teacher called Mr Shutgun (don’t even dare to make fun of his name) picks on her.

2) The problem she’s been trying to keep secret comes out during the world’s worst maths lesson.

Then lockdown happens and everything JUST. GETS. WORSE. Her problems get even bigger and seem HUGE! Like, AVALANCHE HUGE!!

Will diving into an adventure of making lip balms and setting up her own business with her very chaotic mum help solve her problems? Or meeting the mysterious Mrs Marston, an old lady with secrets of her own…?

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“Nair writes evocatively about childhood” – The Guardian

“What an enjoyable read! A fantastic and funny book about learning and empowerment which deals sensitively and humorously with big emotions.” Rupal Pert, Year 5 teacher

“This is an absolutely amazing book. The characters aren’t like someone you aspire to be but then just can’t be (like someone with magical powers or control), these people you can actually BE.” Ruby, 10

“Very Inspiring. I can not wait for the next book in the series.” Janya, Book Blogger